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Mazur Group operates as a networking entity bringing together the interests
of several hundred companies and institutions from four continents: Europe,
North America, Africa and Asia. It aims to meet their needs in several
1. Project Management Office.
2. Foreign (including contracts for USArmy) and domestic tenders.
3. Law office.
4. Financial analysis and consulting.
5. Networking.6. International mediation.
7. Private investments.
8. Technology brokerage.

Michał Mazur - Creator and manager of the Mazur Group brand.
Business Development Director at Demater.
Since 2013, he has been conducting business activities in the field of:
- law,
- finances,
- investments,
- logistics,
- cooperation with contractors from Poland and abroad,
- cooperation with US government institutions (including USArmy) and
- cooperation with scientific institutions.

phone: 0048 531-570-084

mailbox: mazur.group@demater.com.pl